Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for Xenomorphic

Xenomorphic. I bet you haven't heard of that word before! Actually, I hadn't either until this morning. It means something that has a form that is not it's own.

What makes your characters act..well... different? 

And I don't just mean different from other characters, I mean different from themselves. I'm not even talking about typical mood swings, emotions, etc; I mean what makes them completely change their character?

For me, at least, it is generally a tragedy, but it can really be just about any life-changing event... Things that make me (us) never the same.

Because, once we go on an adventure, we can never come home. It just simply isn't the same place. The people have changed, the place has changed.... and whether we want to admit it or not, we change.

Take The Lord of the Rings, (the book!) for example. Frodo goes on a long journey. He sees people die, he sees war. He sees beauty, too... Elves, love, and loyalty. But once he saw those things, it was impossible for him to go back to his old life at the Shire.

You can never come home.  


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  1. What an interesting take on an interesting word Elizabeth, i enjoyed this very much!