Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Adventures of Lein ~ Part 4

The response is c) Visit the Dragon pens.

Lein walked from the dining room to the Dragon Pens. Just before she had been told to take the tray to the Dragon Master, she had overheard Marta tell one of the stable hands that a carriage was coming in. Since the Pens were right next to the stable, where she could meet whomever was arriving. When she got to the Pens, she almost jumped out of her skin as a hue tail nearly missed taking off her head. Lein carefully walked over to the door of the stables just as the carriage arrived. Marta, preparing to greet the guests, pushed Lein closer to the door of the carriage. The guilded door opened. A fat man stepped out. Marta curtsied.
   "My Lord Naylor, greetings and welcome to the hall of the Dragon Master."
   "Yes, yes, where is Rorak? I must see him now woman! Take me to him."
Marta stuttered for a second and then lead him away with a red face and a "T-this way, sir." Lein giggled. Marta was a stickler for protocol. Lein already knew this after only three hours of service. All of a sudden, a young man walked out of the carriage. He was tall and thin with brown hair. For some reason, his eyes were closed as he stepped out. He was muttering something about gears and wires. Lein gave him a wary glance that he missed because his eyes were closed. Lein saw that he had blue eyes when he tripped and almost fell into a stall. He righted himself and looked straight at Lein. Her heart beat one painful beat as he looked at her.
   "Who are you?" He asked.
   " What does it matter to you?" Lein asked.
   "Just wondering. It is customary to learn the name of a pretty girl."
Lein blushed.
   "Well, it doesnt matter. Good bye."
The boy grinned. "Well, my name is Mark. If you wanted to know."
Lein huffed and walked away. As she sat outside the kitchen, she heard the two assistant cooks gossiping about the visiters.
   "Did you hear about the guests? That there is the Lore Master. Thats some title!"
   "And that young man with him?"
   "Thats his apprentice. Now, he'd make you a fine catch. Power and looks!"
They laughed and Lein almost walked into a post. He was the Lore Apprentice?! She had been so rude! But he had been annoying, right?

                        What should she do?

a)Go apologise to Mark
b)Run to her room and refuse to come out
c)Find a rotting fish to give as a gift
d)Slap Mark the next time she runs into him


  1. William ShakespeareSeptember 4, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    I vote D. Without a doubt.

  2. Ooh, hard choice, but I think I'll be nice and go for A

  3. This is what she has to do....

    D, except she has to slap him with the fish mentioned in C, THEN apologize. :)


  4. I changed my mind. She shouldn't apologize, she should just slap Mark with the fish--HARD. He deserves it.