Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pessimistic

Though I try hard to rebel against very immature this side of me, there is a large portion of me that is a major pessimistic. I'm always terrified that things are going to go wrong. I'm scared of the dark.

I've had things stolen, heart broken, and have seen loved ones suffer (who hasn't?).

When I get on a roller coaster, I always look at the loops and wonder if the staff secured my straps enough, wondering if I will fall off and die.

But... I don't.

Yeah, it can be a rough ride and your head can hurt. You may be uncomfortable in your seat, or unable to stop screaming when it goes through all of the things normal for roller coaster, but not so common for our everyday lives. It's exhilarating, and  in the end, you're glad you did it (most of the time), and found that it wasn't as bad as you thought.

You see, that's where the other side of me comes in. The other side knows that, even if bad things will happen, it's all a small part in the bigger picture.

I know that I don't need to be afraid of the dark, because I know that it doesn't have the ultimate power. I don't need to be afraid of my past--because I have so much of my future (however long it may be) ahead of me.

In a way, this relates to writing. Sometimes we stop because someone has criticized our writing and claimed that it's not good enough. Some of us will go through dry spots where we simply don't know what to write. But why should that make us scared to write again? Because, you know what, if we spend so much time being pessimistic about the future, we'll be at the same place fifty years later.


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