Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Adventures of Lein ~ Part 3


I got a tie from my voters, a) and b), so I chose to use option b) Take the food to the Dragon Master.

Lein walked down the beautifully decorated hallway. There were lustrous tapestries of red and gold hanging on the wall. She walked into the third door on the left and saw a magnificent dining room. The ceiling was at least twenty feet tall with designs of red, gold and purple. The Dragon Master motioned for Lein to bring the tray towards him. He was speaking into a bowl of water where the image of the Master of Animals was rippling.
      "I am telling you Orinn, stay away from the Master of Trees! He is nothing good. I have been reading the ancient scrolls to see if there is precedent to dismiss the Master of a territory. I have had no luck so far."
Lein frowned. She had never heard of a Master being dismissed.
      "Well Rorak, He has given me only the kindest of greetings and has gifted me with many things, even the jeweled compass."
       "The Jeweled Compass!? He has it?!"
       "I have it now. I am bringing it to you at the next meeting of the Masters."
Lein's face went pale. The Jeweled Compass was a magical item that supposedly told the future path of the user.
        "And have you picked a new Dragon apprentice? Ever since Erron died, you have been sulking in that palace with that dragon of yours and you keep refusing all the ones that the counsel offered to you."
        "I need to find The One."
        "Ha! The One. That is an old wives tale! There is no One."
The One! The mythical Master of Dragons who would bring peace to the world. He or She was the awaited hero of the land. All of a sudden, the Dragon Master saw that Lein was still in the room.
        "I must go. I will see you at the meeting. Good Bye."
He waved his hand over the bowl before Orinn could say anything more.
        " Thank you for the meal, Lein. Please do not let yourself be bothered by the affairs of a Dragon Master."
         Rorak began to eat.

What should Lein do?

a) Leave to explore the palace
b) Stay and ask the Dragon Master about his conversation
c) Visit the Dragon pens
d) Take a nap

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Adventures of Lein ~ Part 2

Here is the next episode! (A bit early I admit)

The response:
d) Say Nothing

Lein did nothing. The Dragon Master frowned.
"Can you speak?"
Lein gulped and held her mouth closed. Nervous energy made her limbs tremble and sweat bead on her forehead. The threatening man in the background held up a short sword and said
"I dluoc ekam reh klat."
The Dragon Master looked at him.
"No, Fiel, we do not need to use force on such a youngling. If you do not tell me why you are here, however, I will have to assume that you are a thief and we will have to take you to the counsel and have you prosecuted"
Lein started. "No! Please, I can't go to jail!"
"Then tell me why you are here."
Lein took a breath. "Iwasjusttryingtowashthewindowinthedragon'spenandIfellthroughthtewindowandthenthebigmancameoverandhitmeintheheadandthenyoucameinandIwasscaredandIcan'tgotojailbecauseIamalreadyonthestreetsandmyparentsaredeadandIamLeinSvensdaughter."
The two men stared at her.
"Well since you didn't come here to steal, I suppose there is only one thing to do. Fiel, say hello to my new servant. Then you can untie her."
Lein stared. According to the laws of the land, any orphan on the streets was the responsibility of whomever found them first. Lein had been hiding that for a while. So Fiel untied her and took her to a beautiful room where another servant gave her new clothes and some food. When the Dragon Master called for her she was assigned to carry his tray of food. She was left alone in the hall with enough food to last her a week and no one to stop her from leaving.

 What should she do?

a)Run away
b)Take the food to the Dragon Master
c)Sit down and eat all of the food and then refuse to move
d)Try to find the dragon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Adventures of Lein

So today I was thinking, why don't I try writing an interactive story. I am going to try. Now, as an interactive story, I need you people to help me out! Every time I post, I am going to post a part of the story and end with a choice for the main character. Your job is to pick what to do next. Post your choice in the comments. Now, let the adventure begin!

Lein was not a pretty girl. At least, not in the land of Eilsel. She was short and had brown hair. Her eyes were a grey blue that looked like a storm. In Eilsel, she was considered the least of all. She was a servant to all and master of none. Not that beauty would get her out of this mess. She was currently tied to a chair in the house of the Dragon Master. A man was yelling at her in some foreign language.
"Ohw era uoy? Yhw era uoy ni eht Nogard S'retsam esuoh?"
She grimaced and tried to understand.
At that moment, another man walked through the door, dressed in a red silk tunic and golden pants.
"Stand down, Fiel. She is not going to harm me."
Lein sucked in a breath. It was the Dragon Master himself. The Dragon Master was the Lord of the land. He and the six other Masters lead Eilsel. There was a Lore Master, a Water Master, a Tree Master, an Animal Master, a Fire Master and a Herb Master. The Dragon Master was the most powerful of all. He could control magic. He also had a dragon. Each of the Masters had a particular power. The Dragon Master bent over and looked at her.
"So, little one, What is your name and why are you in my house?"

What should she do?

a) Lie like a madman
b) Tell him that you are Lein Svensdaughter and that you fell though a window while you were cleaning it (the truth)
c) Laugh at his robes
d) Say nothing

Let the voting begin!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


So, Liz and I just got back from a christian music festival and I sat down at a computer to look at the blog and I realized that it has been an entire month since our last post! I feel so bad! So here is my post for you.

First off, have any of you ever gotten chills from listening to music? Like a certain song that just touches your soul? While I was at the Casting Crowns concert, I had one of those moments. They played City on the Hill.
Here is the song if you haven't heard it before.
It really spoke to me. While I was thinking on that, another song came to mind. It is an older song, but if you know me, you know that I love ALL music regardless how old it is. Its called One Tin Soldier.
So it might be a little bit of an old anti war song, but it is so similar to the Casting Crowns song. So, think on these and let the music speak to your soul.