Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fairytale

Jenna looked out her window, wondering if that day was going to be the day that some prince would come and sweep her off her feet to take her away to his castle.

Her parents had continually told her that he would come soon. Jenna was betrothed to a Prince that lived in a land very far away. But Jenna was getting anxious.

That day, however, her beloved Prince Joshua did come—just not in the way she expected. Jenna was expecting him to arrive in some splendid fashion with trumpets and carriages, with rich velvet robes and gifts.

Yet, Prince Joshua came in the form of a servant, and hardly anyone recognized him. In fact, those that did were his fellow servants.

Prince Joshua didn’t come that way because he had a lack of money, but because he wanted to test Jenna’s character, to see if she only loved him for his wealth. 

One day, when Jenna was out walking in her gardens, a carriage came out at her. Jenna’s feet locked in the middle of the road, just shocked. She was going to die.

But Prince Joshua came out and pushed her out of the way, allowing the horses to trample over him, killing him.
Jenna rushed over to his side. The moment that she actually looked at his eyes, she realized who he was. “No! How could I have not recognized you? Prince! Come back to me!”

Jenna started sobbing, her tears pouring over his dead face.

She screamed until her lungs ached so much she could barely whisper. Some of her brothers came over and carried him back to the palace, distraught that they hadn’t recognized him. 

The whole royal family was terrified that the king would come and wipe them all out for not recognizing him and taking good care of him, for Joshua was the King’s only son.

But, because of Joshua’s sacrifice, the King forgave them.

Two days later, Jenna was once again out in the garden, when Prince Joshua appeared to her, and this time he 
didn’t look like a servant. His face was glowing, and he wore cloaks of bright white. “Jenna.”

Jenna ran up to him and cried at his feet. “How are you here? Why did you die?”

Prince Joshua looked at her tenderly. “I am here because death doesn’t confine me. I died for you—now that I’ve died, you can be forgiven.  If you believe in what you have seen—my death and resurrection—you can come live with me in my Kingdom after you die. Your faith will be tested, but take heart: For I have overcome the world.”  


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