Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for What?! Are you crazy Leslie?

Ok, this is going to be interesting. I am going to take you on the crazy mental process called "Leslie's Train of Thought". I was thinking about the letter W and what to post on. At first, the name of this post was "W is for Water". Why? Well I was just pondering the other posts I have been doing and I realized that we have been posting on complicated topics. So I thought about simple things. (like Water)  Then I thought about the song, Simple Song by Miley Cyrus. (I usually dont use Miley Cyrus in any type of... anything, but this is actually relevant) There is one line that I really like.

Somebody push it away

Cause all I wanna hear

Is a simple song
Miley Cyrus
I think that is what I feel called to write about today. In our books, we find the need for more. More plot twists, more love triangles, more of anything that will set our books apart. Maybe sometimes we just need to push all the complicated stuff away and go for simple. One book that I love, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a reletively simple plot. Now I am in no way saying that this book is a simple, 1 dimentional story, quite the contrary, it is full of amazing stuff that you see as you read into the book, but it is not full of soap opera drama or crazy things. It is a plot that all can read and love. It is simple. So, I say, make sure that you have depth, but not to be too crazy. Sometimes all I want to hear, is a simple song.

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  1. That's good, Leslie. Great example with LWW.