Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Three!

OK, so Wayne Thomas Batson (one of the BEST authors out there) teamed up with Christopher Hopper (author/musician) to write the Berinfall Prophesy Series.

Except, when I started reading the series, there were only two books out of the 3(+) to be published. But, Mr. Batson just announced today on his blog (click here to view the official post) that the next book is coming on May 15th!!! I'll put the cover on here as soon as it is revealed. And it is going to be called (drum roll please...)...

The Tide of Unmaking! 

So, anyway, it should be epic. And if you haven't started the series yet--you should seriously start because they are some awesome books.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A is for Amazing

So, Leslie and I are signed up for the A-Z Blog-fest (click the picture for more info). Essentially, every day of the week except Sunday (with today being the only exception, considering that it is the 1st of the month) Leslie and myself will be going through the alphabet with our posts.

A is for Amazing!

Why would we, as writers (or as anything) settle for something that is just "OK", "Good Enough", and "Fine"?

Why wouldn't we want to shoot for the extraordinary?  I mean, honestly, why write anything at all if you aren't going to make it your very best?

A speaker at a conference I went to (Alex Kendrick) said that we must, "Choose what is best over what is good." Now, even though he was talking about our morals at that point, I think it is an excellent quote that can apply to any and everything.

So, today, instead of settling, shoot higher. Do your best, and you may be surprised how far you come.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Elemental Trailer Reveal!

So, today is the official release of Elemental's book trailer! So, without further ado, here's the link!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day!

Today is (officially) Pi Day!!! Alright, so maybe this is a little dorky, but I like it...


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alright, so for those of you who have been following for a while, you would know that for a while now I've been posting bits and pieces of the book I'm attempting to write. Well, I completely re-wrote the beginning of it--tell me what you think!


I held the silver butterfly on my necklace up off of my neck so that I could view its intricate features. I looked at the old elven writing that went along the border of its wings. . .I still had no idea what it said.

I stood up and walked towards the windows, placing my hand upon the stained glass. I longed to go outside, longed to feel the fresh air. To run. . .to be free.

Ever since my mother died, my father had refused to let me go outside. After all, that was how she died.

I had gone outside one day, running in the fields and picking dandelions. Then, I decided to go into the woods. But I wound up going deeper into them than I had originally planned.

As dusk arrived, my father sent a search party out for me. They found me well into the night and carried me back.

I caught a terrible, unknown disease from those woods. And it was contagious.

For weeks, I saw the disease slowly choke the life out of both my mother and myself. Over half of the guards didn’t survive it.

I lived, my mother didn’t, and my father’s heart began to have a sudden aloofness towards me.

I wanted so desperately to have the courage to someday break through that window, to live each moment to the hilt.

But it took me over three years to finally work up the guts to actually leave.