Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jellybeans

In honor of Easter, I am going to post on jellybeans. I love those little doses of flavored sugar. JellyBellys are some of the best ones there are. They are different kinds of sweetness. I mean, what is a dessert without different textures and flavors? Its the same with books. When you have those nice moments for your characters, make sure that they are different. For example, a coffee flavored jellybean has a hint of bitter along with the sweet. Bittersweet moments are some of my favorite moments in a gripping book. Another flavor is cherry. I find it so incredibly sweet that they are almost hard to eat. Giving a character a fluffy, almost overly sweet moment can really bring out good qualitys in your characters, as long s you play it right for your character. Well, from the land of sweet goodness, Have a blessed Easter week!

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