Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm assuming that a lot of our readers are Narnia fans, so I thought video may interest you. I don't know if any of you have seen the movie for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but there's a song in it by Carrie Underwood. Scott Krippayne (singer/songwriter) entered his song Voyage (written especially for that movie) for that spot, but they turned him down. Voyage is an EXTREMELY good song, one of my all time favorites. Now press play, close your eyes, and let your imagination run wild.



  1. Hi! On my blog I'm publishing guest posts (or pictures) once a month. I would love to have you enter one of your posts. If you're interested, the form is on my sidebar and I would be happy to answer any questions!

    Inlets and Harbors

  2. That would be awesome, I'll have to think about it! It will probably take me a few days to come up with something, I'm extremely tired (I have been away the past two weeks, using blogger's life saving "pre-schedule posting" feature, hence my posts haven't been up to my normal standards.)