Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hmm. . .

Yikes. . .what should I post about today???

My mind is a bit of a mess right now, and I've been having trouble focusing on writing/reading. I'm also having a severe case of writers block. Advice, anyone? 

I know, I know--this post is really lame. But I just can't really come up with anything. . .

No, I'm not on top of things. Yes, I am about as exhausted as a thirteen year old could get. Hopefully I'll be back to myself next week, though.~Elizabeth


  1. Sorry you're having trouble, Lizzie.

    Advice? Hang out with God for a while. That usually will give inspiration in some area.

    I did mean to tell you that I appreciated your week of prayer. God has been teaching me so much about prayer recently--it is exciting!

    God bless your walk!

  2. When I'm stuck, I head out on a walk. Sometimes, I chat with God. And sometimes, I just listen. Perfect recipe for de-scattering. :)

  3. Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate it.~Liz