Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Twists!

OK, so I am not posting everyday. Unfortunately, I will not be able to post that often. I am going to try for at least once every week. The reason? Hey, a high school schedule is busy! Anyway, I am deciding to take a page out of Lizzie's book and ask your opinion on something for my book. I was talking to a few of my friends about how to make my book better. Here is a synopsis of my book and some of the Ideas.

Leslie Burke is a normal teenage girl. Well, except for the fact that she comes from a planet named T'reth and she has superpowers. Of course it is a secret until one day when she is attacked by the evil ruler of T'reth. She drags her best friend Ryan with her and they meet a boy named Matt who is just like Leslie. They go to the president, saving him from mind control and survive an  attack from Regus Black, the evil ruler.

So that is a far as I have gotten. Here are the ideas for a big twist.

Kill Ryan, Matt or Leslie
Have Leslie go crazy
Have Ryan/Matt attempt to commit suicide
Give Ryan Cancer
Make Leslie Regus' daughter
End the world is one giant explosion and move the scene to T'reth
Have Leslie lose her powers

So, I am not a big fan of most of these. Do you have any ideas? By the way, Leslie and Matt fall in love but Ryan likes Leslie too. If you are one of my friends who know what I am talking about, I already know your ideas!! Send me new ones!


  1. Ok, so MY idea (Yes, Leslie, I did see your warning. Did you really think I would listen to it?!?!?!?!) is this:

    Ryan sees Matt and Leslie ALMOST kiss. That basically makes him go nuts, since he's loved Leslie for years. So, Ryan makes a suicidal attempt (My favorite is having him jump off of a bridge). But attempt is the key word, as he does live through it. But this traumatizes Leslie, to the point of her going crazy. As in, she winds up going to a mental hospital type of crazy. Due to depression, Leslie's strength--and powers--begin to fade. This makes Ryan begin to feel very sorrowful, because, as previously mentioned, he has loved Leslie for years. He still loves her, in fact. So, he goes to the mental hospital to try to talk things through with Leslie. Leslie re-gains her strength, but she isn't as powerful as she was before, and it is a long process for her to return to her normal self again. Ryan begins to believe there's still hope, but Leslie keeps telling herself she loves Matt, not Ryan. But everyone--herself included--knows it's a lie. So, she checks out from the hospital, only to find that Matt has betrayed her. Leslie saw Matt. And Leslie saw the girl in his arms. . .Back to the mental hospital. But this time, she doesn't stay there as long, because she realized that Matt never really cared about her at all. She realized that Ryan had been the one for her all along. So, together, they fight against Regus. But there's another twist towards the end. . .Regus is Ryan's father. Ryan comes to see that he also had powers, and that he is stronger than even Regus. But he needs to decide. . .Does he leave Leslie to go fight, and be victorious? Or does he take the risk of bringing her with him, so that he would have to protect her as well as himself?

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! What I have said all along (though I know you aren't too happy with my opinion!) Elizabeth has brought together a set of perfectly complex, yet plausible, solutions to your book. It will bring suspense, drama, and a TWIST to your book, Les. I vote, go for it!- but make it your own. Don't let us make all the decisions for you. But, I would definately, as a reader, be interested in a book with a plot line like the one Elizabeth has suggested.

  3. Love it, Elizabeth! The only thing that I can think of otherwise, is to have Matt end up being Leslie's brother.

    Or you could have Leslie die. Then, have Ryan and Matt fight Regus. As that is happening Ryan discovers his powers. Then, in the end, it turns out that actually Leslie's twin is the one who dies. And, the twin was working for Regus, trying to trick Ryan and Matt into following Regus. But, Leslie gets captured by Regus, and Matt and Ryan save her and together they all defeat the evil. Hope that helps!