Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm very indecisive (This is where Leslie nods her head and brings up some time in the past when I couldn't make up my mind, such the time I brought six shirts on a three day trip.). So. . .I need your help with something. Some of you probably saw when I posted the first 250 words of my the book I'm attempting to write (It is very tiny), but I can't decide what the characters first name should be. Right now I'm in between Jemima or Jennetta, which one sounds better? Also, if Jennetta is chosen, should it be spelled with one "N", or two? I'm putting up a poll for this that will be up for the rest the week, so vote for whatever name you like better! But, before I leave you with your very difficult decision, I'm going to post a picture that I found that looks just like what I'm picturing for my main character. Here it is: 

Artist: Rachel Marks
Rachel's Website: 


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