Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm incredibley sorry!!! I thought that I had set it up so that these would post automatically, please please please forgive me, and don't stop showing your support for RWR, please. I'm going to be posting all of the posts that I had previously set up for this week. Again, SO SORRY!!!!!!

Alright, something's wrong. . .I've posted some of my stories, yet not any of my poetry. . .I must remedy that. This is a poem I wrote for a book I'm attempting to write:

Wonderings of a Prisoner
Is the air warm, or is it cold,
Am I young, or am I old?
Am I alive, or am I dead,
Is there hope, or is it just said?
Have I been chosen,
Or in fear frozen?
What happens if I fail,
What if I prevail?
Am I free, or am I confined,
Will I live, or will the agreement be signed?
Is there hope, or is all lost,
Is it free, or is there a cost?
Is the air warm, or is it cold,
Am I young, or am I old?  

1 comment:

  1. Nice, Elizabeth! It definitely shows the wandering of an imprisoned mind.