Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Many websites and blogs have put their theories of what will happen in this book on their site, most of the ideas being the same/stolen from someone else. I was quite surprised to find that (out of the websites I've viewed) none of them have my ideas in them. So, every Wednesday in the month of July, I'm going to put my theories for it on this blog. There will be a major and minor theory in each post. 
MAJOR TOPIC: The rider of the green dragon.

I don't believe that Christopher Paolini wouldn't have someone as obvious as Roran, Arya, or Nasuada be the next rider. But I also believe the new rider will be someone that has been in all three books. So. . .Who other than Katrina? No, not really Katrina, rather her offspring. Her offspring that is inside of her. I believe that the dragon will hatch for her baby, leaving people to think that she's the new rider, but since the dragon isn's speaking to her, Katrina, Roran and Eragon figure out that it's her baby, not her. Which adds a major twist to the story: They have less than nine months to fight and defeat Galbatorix. Katrina has never been truly trained. What will they do?  
Think about it: it's unnexpected, and would make it so that Katrina couldn't leave Roran. It would also drive Roran to new hights for defending his family. It's flawless.
There are multiple theories that could work for Angela:
1. She is Galbatorix in disguise (I cannot take credit for this genius idea).
2. She is a werecat. (once again, I cannot take credit).
My favorite theory: She is Galbatorix's daughter. Yes, seriously. How would she have the dragon body parts (in Eragon), unless she was related--or close--to a rider? It would make sense, considering she has long life, which could be inherited from a dragon rider relative. Also. . .both Eragon and Murtaugh have dragon-rider fathers, so what if Shruikan was her dragon, that her father stole from her? It would work for a good ending, too. Picture it. Shruikan sees Angela, recognizes her, betrays Galbatorix, and the Varden has the upper hand. Both things would contribute towards her extremely long life. It would also explain her bitter hatred for Galbatorix. 
What do you think of my theories? What are your theories? What's a topic you want me to put on in one of the following weeks?  ~Elizabeth 


  1. I can't read this post because I haven't read the series yet.

    I have a few questions about the TotW, though. Is there a word limit? Are contestants allowed to enter multiple times? What is the benefit of winning?
    Could you put the answers to these in the list of rules on the TotW page, please?


  2. The word limit is 1000 words, and it has to be at least 200. I suppose multiple entries could be allowed, although there shouldn't be more than three per person. The benefit of winning is that the story gets posted on the blog. :)

  3. Thanks for updating the rules to be clearer! Great idea to put it on the sidebar. :)

  4. No problem! :)

  5. I'm a bit late commenting, but in Inheritance, the last book, if you read the part about Eragon's farewell to Angela, when he asks her about the runes on the hat she's making, all of your questions MIGHT be answered. I can't guarantee this, but it answered all of mine.