Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inheritance Part Four--Dragon Day

I'm incredibley sorry!!! I thought that I had set it up so that these would post automatically, please please please forgive me, and don't stop showing your support for RWR, please. I'm going to be posting all of the posts that I had previously set up for this week. Again, SO SORRY!!!!!!

TODAY IS DRAGON DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, not officially, but it is here!

MAJOR TOPIC: Continuation of Dragons

Obviously Sapphira would have to mate for dragons to not go extinct. . .who would she mate with? Shruikan seems like an impossible guess, but I suppose we should not fully rule anything out at this point. 

Thor is, in my opinion, the most likely option, considering how close Sapphira and Thor are in age.  

And then there's "Greeny". . .What if Sapphira is Greeny's mentor, and they fall in love? Probable. 

MINOR TOPIC: "Greeny"'s Parents

Well, by the looks of Greeny, he has the eyes of Glaedr. Sapphira (Brom's Sapphira) was blue, and Glaedr was gold. . .gold and blue make green. . .Do you think there's a connection? Maybe that was why Glaedr didn't want to mate with Sapphira, because she looked to much like her namesake. If this theory is true, it would make it quite possible that Greeny would want to help the Varden, since both of his parents were on their side.  Yes? No? Maybe?~Elizabeth


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