Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a little longer. . .

As I said on Monday, winning stories will be posted next Friday, so that Leslie can help me judge. We will probably post more than just our usual two stories, considering we're doing this theme for two weeks as opposed to one.~Elizabeth


  1. How come Leslie never posts anything on this, or any other, page?

  2. She does, she was just away last week, so I covered her shifts (Tuesday and Thursday) because she was away. Leslie has been working on getting further into her book, so she's been focusing on that a lot more than writing short stories to put on her page. She also posted the the winning stories for TOTW the first week we did it, but, once again, she's been away, so I've done it the past two weeks. She will, however, be posting tomorrow and Thursday. :)

  3. Oh, OK. You've done a great job covering for her all week! I liked the interview of Mrs. White a lot, btw.