Thursday, February 23, 2012

The mystery of character

Hi! Leslie here. Wow! I am actually keeping up with my posts! Well, anyway, today I am going to talk about characters. You know, that person you came up with, the one your whole story revolves around, that person who you are giving life to. It can be really tricky to get a person to stay the way you want them to. For example, take my main character, Dana. She started out as a grown woman who was outspoken and a little crazy but a genius all the same. Now, she has turned into a sixteen year old who is an introvert and very quiet. I did not do that on purpose. She turned into a completely different character. There is another author who wrote the Bayern series who talked about a character of hers who managed to get from being a minor character to having his own book. (Shannon Hale talking about Razo) There is a warning in this as well. As much as letting your characters develop is a good thing, you need to be careful to keep them consistant. A character who is constantly jumping from one type of person to another is often confusing. One tip I learned is to write your book in parts, comparing each part to the ones before. I hope this helps!

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