Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

Not that I'm surprised, considering that I am indesicive about most anything, but I can't make up my mind as to whether or not I like snow.

So, I am going to make lists of my pros and cons.


1. It makes Winter special. It reminds me of all of the amazing things that I can look forward to over the Winter--Christmas, going to Snow Camp, seeing family. . . It's a symbol of something special.

2. Snow is something special in and of itself. There are so many things you can do with it! Whether it be making edible treats, forts, snowmen, snowangels, having a snowball fight--it's an awesome substance with which you can be creative to no end. Plus, you can go sledding on it.

3. It gives me an excuse to drink hot cocco like crazy! I'm a big fan of Swiss Miss. :)

4. Being a photographer and one who likes to sketch, the artsy side of me really likes it. I love taking pictures of it, and I have a sun  room at my house where I could literally sit and stare at each individual, unique snowflake fall on the ground all day.


1. Am I the only one that has ever wished that snow didn't have a temperature??? I would like to say that I spend every day during the winter being creative and doing all of the things mentioned above, but truth be told, I'm lazy. I hate having to put on all of my snow gear (and having to take it off once it's wet) just because snow is cold and  I have to stay warm. I also hate how snow always manages to slip its way into my gloves so that then my hands are freezing.

2. I'm home-schooled, so I don't normally get snow days--I only get school off when its Summer, which feels like an eternity away when there is still snow on the ground.

3. I am suffering from this reason as I am writing this--sickness. I don't think that the reason why I'm sick right now is because of the cold weather, but I've gotten plenty of things that I can blame on the cold. There is so much more of a chance of getting sick over Winter then any other season. It drives me insane, because I hate getting sick.

So, with the pros and cons, what is my actual opinion?

To be honest, I love snow; I just wish Winter only lasted one month as opposed to three or four. :)


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  1. I'm Sorry but truth is that cold does not make you sick.