Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music and my muse

Hey y'all! Leslie here. So at this very moment I am listening to My Deliverer by dc Talk. It started me thinking about music and my use of music while I'm writing. Whenever I write I always have music from somewhere; usually on my iPod. My playlist contains a mix of pop, 80's tunes(Liz teases me about that particular genre), christian, rock, even a tiny bit of rap and classical. The reason for the large variety? I love the way that the different genres become my muse. When I write a fight scene, i usually break out the minor chords and Lotd of the Rings soundtrack. If its a sad tear-jerking part, bring on Lo Que Mas or Kryptonite or some slow minor music. Of course when I want people to laugh, I turn to happy music like Who's in the House by Carman. I've noticed other authors who give part of their success to the bands in their playlist.
So do I have a true piont to this post? I guess its that music is powerful. My (rather strong) imagination is sparked by music. A really good song can start me pretending. It inspires me to write. What do you do when you write? What is your muse?

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  1. That's what I do, too. Actually, lately I have been trying to change what I listen to a little for that reason. My book is getting to many fighting scenes due to heavy rock,LOL. :)