Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What do you think?

Ok, I know. I am such a slacker!! My (feeble) excuse is that I am in high school and I have a work load like a ton of bricks. Still, I should post more often. Perhaps I am simply intimidated by the genius of Liz. Huh, maybe not... For this post, I am going to post the beginning of a story. My challenge to all y'all is to finish it. It only has to be a short story. I want to see what you think about it. Now if no one replys, then I will post my ending. Maybe I will Post that anyway... But if a bunch of you send in story endings, i will hold a vote on the best one and the winner will get to post one entry on our blog! If you are the winner, I will send you the rules about the post after you win. So, for the writers, same rules for the TOTW apply. It will last for... Lets say three weeks. Now, to the contest!!!

There is a world beyond the sun. It is inhabited by creations. Everything ever created or made up lives their life in this land. Only a few can see the creations, hovering around their creators until their stories are done and they can travel the road of the sunset. Of these, even fewer can travel the road themselves. One boy, Dylan, was the only one who could travel the sacred road, but he grew up and stopped pretending. One like Dylan is only born every 50 years and the world felt the loss of Dyan sharply, although they did not know it. The next one to be born was a girl corrupted by pride and power. She enslaved the world behind the sun for years. Back on earth, creativity had stopped. Until one dark night when the long awaited child was born...

Now its your turn!

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