Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little more. . .

Alright. . . So, today I'm going to post a little bit more of that story I've been doing, but first. . . I'm probably going to do NaNoWriMo this year (more info on that on Monday), and this will be the book I'll attempt to write 50000 words on. So. . . I want to come up with a title. . .any suggestions?

“Curias!!!” It was all I could do to say his name, but it was all he needed to move much faster. And soon, we were at a full speed gallop.        

It seemed as if that was what we did the whole day. I felt a feeling that had never before existed to me—freedom. I felt as if I was finally unleashed from the chains of bondage that held me tight for so long.  

Free. . .and yet not free. I knew there would be people endlessly searching for me.

But I knew they would never catch me. And yet, even if they did, they couldn’t keep me contained. I was already let loose, had already tasted the fresh air. No, there was no going back.  

But I soon realized that, although I was prepared to fly away at the speed of light, my horses were incapable of such a task. They continued to get slower as the day went on, until eventually  they could take it no longer.  

“They must rest,” I mumbled, feeling tired myself.  

“For a few hours—nothing more. We cannot afford any more time than that.” 

“What?! Are you insane?”

"No," he raised his eyebrows, ". . .are you?”

“I demand at least six hours of sleep, thank you very much.” I lifted my chin as high as I could.

“Well, I’ve got a newsflash for you—we’re not in the castle anymore. There’s no such thing as six hours of sleep,” he looked down upon my limp form, “But. . .if you’d like, I could stay up and guard while you and the horses sleep.”  

“Are you sure?”


I laid myself down upon the moist grass surrounding a tree in the area we had stopped at, only to hear Curias chuckle, “After all, you’re the one guarding tomorrow.”

I moaned.  


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