Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Apples

Alright, so I wound up deciding to make apple butter, which takes a long time to make. So. . .I haven't made it quite yet. But, I will post nonetheless! Here's another part of that story I've been posting: 

I gasped, “Curias! I remember! Behind these cloaks, there is a door. . . ,” I waited a moment as the memories came pouring into my mind all at once, “It is used for the kings and queens to get to their children if needed, but the children were not supposed to discover it. I assume there’s one on Jaradias’ and Edwin’s room as well. This leads into my father’s room, which has a staircase that leads down to the gardens. My father won’t be there, he should still be in the assembly.” 

Curias looked dumbfounded, “The horses are only a few yards away from the gardens, it would be easy,” I judged by the uncertainty on his face that this was something the guards knew nothing about, “Lead the way.”    

So, I did. We had to bend down, as the door was small. There was a very short tunnel in-between the two, but I felt around for the latch on the other door and we were soon inside.

Curias was dazed, he had never been in my father’s room before. It was indeed something to stare at. . .majestic, almost.  But there was no time to admire. Not there. Not then.

We fled down the stairs to my father’s private section of the garden, and put the key in the keyhole to get into the commoner grounds. 

Sure enough, there were two horses ready waiting for us just a few yards away.

“Act casual,” Curias whispered gently into my ear. 

Casual. And how am I supposed to know how to do that???  

We led our horses a little farther from observant eyes, although I had a sense that someone was following us, watching us.

Curias appeared to sense this, too, because he began to get on his horse. So did I. 

To avoid looking suspicious, we started out going slow.  But I had to look back. . .

There he was, eyes locked on mine. Edwin’s best friend, Kloin.  He recognized me. He knew what I was doing. 

Tell me what you think!~Elizabeth


  1. By the way, I'm loving your story so far! From the very beginning, you had "pulled a plug" that's kept the action whirling around and your reader's curiosity, too. Good job. I like the part at the end that Kloin sees you. Keep going, so I can see what happens next!

  2. Thanks! This is actually the furthest I've written into it, but I'll try to write some more. . . :)

  3. Wow! Sounds great! I can't wait to read more!