Friday, September 2, 2011


Here is the winner for this week's TOTW:

A Life
People make mistakes that hurt life
Some ruin their own chances at
Life. They use drugs or mind-numbing alcohol or
They commit suicide. They
Ruin their chance for a beautiful, fulfilling
That God gave them to live
Out to an amazing fullness in Him.
Other people commit homicide
They ruin other people’s chances at
They may ruin a child’s life or
An adult’s life or even an innocent, unborn baby’s life.
That is terrible, gut wrenching
The person may get caught when they
Murder, but often
They get away with it. That is
No one seems to mind when
A baby - a beautiful, perfect
Gem of life-
Dies because no one wants
To take the responsibility of a little life.
They need to know that they are still
They are responsible for a child’s
I would rather be responsible for a
Life than a death.
Don’t ruin your life,
More importantly
Don’t ruin someone else’s life
Someone no one will
Fight for
And who can’t fight for themselves. 

-Aylin Brandt

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