Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In honor of the school year beginning anew, I thought that I would blog about school. Specifically school supplies. Am I the only one that gets a rush of excitement when you open a new notebook or get a new set of pens? Maybe its the possibilities of the contents or the novelty of something new. IT may sound corny, but I feel my creativity flow from my brain into the paper. I have come up with some of my best ideas for stories by opening a blank notebook. At the end of the year, my books are all full of notes, essays, stories and other things. I can look back and see all these interesting and boring facts. Still, there is nothing like new supplies. My little sister agrees with me too. We both like new supplies. What about you? What do you think about school supplies? For some silly fun, I think I am going to post a poll asking what school supplies you like best!

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  1. Although I absolutely love getting a blank notebook ready to be filled, it's not my favorite school supply.
    For me, it's getting a new folder (and sketching tools) that's really exciting. I still have tons of folders filled with projects from when I was in public school. . .I love looking back at them, and, well. . .remembering.
    And, I don't really like writing in notebooks--my handwriting is so bad that it makes it hard to copy over to my computer, and, to be honest, I'm simply to lazy to want to write the same thing twice. So, I type instead. Then I see how many typed projects I can stuff into one little folder without having it break, ;) ~Elizabeth