Monday, September 19, 2011

Part 2

Ok. . .so here's a little more of that story I posted earlier. . . :

I closed my eyes in stress; he wasn’t supposed to be involved in this, no one was. But how could I ignore his plea? He was right, my father would be furious, and would probably kill anyone who had anything to do with my escape, my “murder”. 
That sparked something in my head, “What if I leave a letter on my bed, saying that I decided to poison myself? Then they wouldn’t go looking for me.”
“It wouldn’t work. Your father—with all due respect—can be a very stubborn man at times. And why wouldn’t he be with this situation? Would any parent simply read the letter and go, ‘Oh, I guess she died. That’s too bad. . .’? Of course not!!! He would still search vigorously for you, because he loves you. Even if for some reason he doesn’t, Jaradias would.”
My heart stopped at the mention of my beloved brother. . .he had cared for me since birth, ever protecting me.
Curias continued, “Jaradias is very protective over you, he would never stop searching. There’s also your other brother, Edwin. He would care, too--”
“You forgot Stephen. . .”
Curias’ face went ashen gray, “Stephen left us long ago. Who knows where he is now.”
Curias and Stephen had been good friends—best friends, in fact. But he got as sick of palace life as I did.
He continued on, “As I have been trying to say, your family—and friends—would never stop searching if you did that. But. . .If you were to write one saying that you ran away, the situation may turn in your favor.  Or you could just leave with no note whatsoever. . .that would be the wisest option.”
“To which one?”
“I shall leave them no hint as to what happened. I would rather have my father think that some evil person—you—kidnapped me than have him think I’m un-happy with my life,” I inhaled deeply, “We should start gathering supplies.”
I shall be the one to collect things, you would look much more suspicious than I would.” With that, Curias left on his mission.
He had better not turn me in.   
I began to feel bad for assuming the worst out of him as he returned with two sacks filled with supplies.
“You take this one, it’s lighter,” Curias nearly shoved it into her face in a hurry, “We need to get out of here.”
I swung it around my back.
His face turned to stone as footsteps approached, “Fast.” 


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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love it! The dialoge is great and the rising action is building very well. The only thing is that the part where Curias' face turns "to stone". That part seemed slightly out of place. I would imagine his face going pale or something.

    Great work!!