Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today, I have my first exercise in Greek Rhetoric. I had a choice between a ecomium, a composition to praise an individual, and a vituperation, a composition to condemn an individual. I chose to do a vituperation on a church history figure, Paul of Samosata. So, here it goes!
Paul of Samosata was one of the most corrupt men in the history of the christian church. He not only was corrupt in his heart, but he lead many others to be corrupt in Christ.
I do believe that Paul of Samosata is deserving of condemnation.

Paul of Samosata was not raised in a proper way, that is, he was not given a job or a apprenticeship from his family. He was of humble birth and this gave him the thirst for wealth that gave rise to the evil that he spread. He was not given a skill to work honestly at, so he fell to perverting the church where he was working.

Of his education, we know very little, except that he was of humble birth and so probably didn't receive a good education. He also learned nothing of any form of handiwork or common labor.

As to his works, his  churches were filled with heresy. He instructed the women to sing hymns only to himself. He stopped all production of hymns except for the ones about himself. He also took bribes for help for the injured and those who were being perused by tax collectors and then turned on them and insisted they give him more money. As the final blow, he allowed himself and his church leaders "spiritual brides", women that lived with him and traveled with him. They were not married to him.

Compared to Simon Magus, Paul seems to be even more of a threat to the people. For even though Simon tried to buy the powers of Christ from Peter, he at least believed in the sovereignty of Jesus. Paul didn't even believe that Jesus was divine. He constantly lived in the most extreme sin. His teachings spread to many people and corrupted many church leaders.

I pray that none of you will follow the example of this charlatan. His work has already corrupted many. Do not follow in his footsteps and teach falsely, take bribes or exploit the poor. Hold yourself to a higher standard than this man of God corrupted.

Please give me any input on this. Thanks!


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