Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Adventures of Lein

So today I was thinking, why don't I try writing an interactive story. I am going to try. Now, as an interactive story, I need you people to help me out! Every time I post, I am going to post a part of the story and end with a choice for the main character. Your job is to pick what to do next. Post your choice in the comments. Now, let the adventure begin!

Lein was not a pretty girl. At least, not in the land of Eilsel. She was short and had brown hair. Her eyes were a grey blue that looked like a storm. In Eilsel, she was considered the least of all. She was a servant to all and master of none. Not that beauty would get her out of this mess. She was currently tied to a chair in the house of the Dragon Master. A man was yelling at her in some foreign language.
"Ohw era uoy? Yhw era uoy ni eht Nogard S'retsam esuoh?"
She grimaced and tried to understand.
At that moment, another man walked through the door, dressed in a red silk tunic and golden pants.
"Stand down, Fiel. She is not going to harm me."
Lein sucked in a breath. It was the Dragon Master himself. The Dragon Master was the Lord of the land. He and the six other Masters lead Eilsel. There was a Lore Master, a Water Master, a Tree Master, an Animal Master, a Fire Master and a Herb Master. The Dragon Master was the most powerful of all. He could control magic. He also had a dragon. Each of the Masters had a particular power. The Dragon Master bent over and looked at her.
"So, little one, What is your name and why are you in my house?"

What should she do?

a) Lie like a madman
b) Tell him that you are Lein Svensdaughter and that you fell though a window while you were cleaning it (the truth)
c) Laugh at his robes
d) Say nothing

Let the voting begin!


  1. I think it would be interesting to:
    d) say nothing

  2. Alright! I'll give it 2 more days and then the next installment should be coming out!