Sunday, March 25, 2012

A is for Amazing

So, Leslie and I are signed up for the A-Z Blog-fest (click the picture for more info). Essentially, every day of the week except Sunday (with today being the only exception, considering that it is the 1st of the month) Leslie and myself will be going through the alphabet with our posts.

A is for Amazing!

Why would we, as writers (or as anything) settle for something that is just "OK", "Good Enough", and "Fine"?

Why wouldn't we want to shoot for the extraordinary?  I mean, honestly, why write anything at all if you aren't going to make it your very best?

A speaker at a conference I went to (Alex Kendrick) said that we must, "Choose what is best over what is good." Now, even though he was talking about our morals at that point, I think it is an excellent quote that can apply to any and everything.

So, today, instead of settling, shoot higher. Do your best, and you may be surprised how far you come.



  1. Good point we writers should strive for 'amazing'. Forget that sometimes when staring at a blank 'page'! LOL