Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Names Tip

I have always had a hard time coming up with fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi names for people in my characters. I can come up with a simple name easily, but it's when I want them to sound special that I run into trouble. I want it to sound different yet somewhat sophisticated, and pronounceable--definitely pronounceable.  

A few days ago, I found a method that has actually worked very well for me. What I do is, instead of using a common name or making one up, I use popular names from other countries.

They work well, because they're different from the American names I am used to, so they have that nice "unique" feel to them.

For example, here are a few of the most popular names for 2011 in a few other countries that sound cool:

Australia: Lachlan (,boy, 7th) 

Brazil: Giovanna (girl, 5th), Manuela (girl, 7th), Rafaela (girl, 8th), Miguel (boy, 3rd), Matheus (boy, 5th), Guilherme (boy, 7th), Felipe (boy, 10th) 

France: Inès (girl, 5th), Manon (girl, 7th), Enzo (boy, 2nd), Raphaël (boy, 6th), Yanis (boy, 8th) 

These are all I'm going to post today, just to give you a hint as to what's out there. I hope this helped you! 



  1. Interesting...

    When will I get feedback on my novel that I sent to you guys? I'm in no hurry - I just wondered :)

  2. I can't speak for Leslie or Hannah, but I've only had time to read a few chapters so far, but things have been slowing down so hopefully I'll have more chances to read it.

    Also--when you emailed me your book, I only got the first 12,000 words.


  3. Aylin, I'm still praying about and munching on the chapters I've read so far. Like Lizzie, I don't have much time (I haven't finished reading what L&E sent yet) but I am very grateful for the honor of getting to critique it and I look forward to talking to you about it!

  4. Elizabeth, good thoughts on names. Are you two still doing the TotW?

  5. OK, Thanks guys! My email that I sent you, Elizabeth, must have kicked out the rest. I'll send the rest to you in a couple emails.