Monday, November 14, 2011


I love this time of year. A lot.

There are little signs everywhere that Christmas is approaching; stores are posting count-downs on their windows, people are starting their shopping, egg-nog and hot cocoa is appearing on the grocery store shelves. . .It's all so exciting. 

This is the spectacular time of year,  
When signs of Christmas begin to appear,
Christmas lights aglow,
Grass covered in snow. . . .

I don't know why, but I just felt like adding that in there. For some reason, rhyming helps me write poetry. It makes it easier to come up with the next line, plus it sounds cool when you say it out loud.

So, what about you? What do you like about this time of year?



  1. It is easier to say what I don't like :) I like the snow, but not the cold; the thoughts of making gifts, but no the actual doing it; the Christmas things out, but not BEFORE Thanksgiving, and of course the candy and cookies and treats like that. And, I like to handmake cards for everyone. Please check out my Etsy shop for Thanksgiving cards and a Chrsitams pillow (Christmas cards coming soon-maybe).

  2. I agree that I don't like being cold, but I like the family-close-together feelings that come with the cold. Everyone has to be inside, so everyone might as well be friendly! :) I also love Christmas music... in July! It's never too early for Christmas music. And candy canes. And the colors and lights and ornaments and decorations and.... I love it all. :)